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Updated: Nov 21, 2019

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Modernist scoff at spiritual warfare. I think that most Christians in the US have a disease called “materialitis” — a tendency to believe solely in the visible realm. Oh, they talk about the battle, but deep down, they don’t think it applies to their lives.[1,2] Since praying involves communicating with an invisible being, I would not be surprised to find fhese people do not have a prayer life either. The culture today believes truth can be ignored or dismissed because one considers a fact distasteful. Basically, every person has a personal religion.

Is there a spiritual realm?

Psalm 82 (also Ps. 89:5–7) speaks to a council composed of gods. Yes, gods in the plural. God speaks to these other gods because of their behavior toward humans. Their continued behavior will lead to death like men. We can assume that death is not the norm for these beings, and “to die like men” is a terrible ending.[3] Next, we need to show that this council is not a case for pantheism. Before the creation of the universe, there existed the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. Given the existence of one God, no council is required to discuss issues, nor could there be any rebellion.[4] We find this same Hebrew word for god in both of its instances in verse.[5] The same word used for God in the Old Testament.[6] Also, these gods cannot be idols since God would not meet fake gods. [7]

We can conclude that this council coexists with humanity; otherwise, the term “die like men” is meaningless. What makes sense that fallen angels masquerade as gods as their abilities come from the spiritual realm. These beings are very much alive. Isa. 14 and Ezekiel 28 compare human sinning to a spiritual entity to show the gravity of the offense. We can glean that there was an actual invisible entity that offended the Father. Humanity either belongs to the chief of this rebellion or the Son (1 John 3:8–12).[8] Note that events come to a climax in Gen 6:1–5, where God elects to remove the evil from the earth, which includes most of humanity. 2 Peter 2:1–10 and Jude 5–7 confirm that divine beings are complicit in this sin.[9]

Confirmation that this invisible group existed at least before the foundation of the world in Job 38:4–7. Morning stars is a phrase used for heavenly beings.

Are there other places that refer to a multitude of gods?

Let’s look at some plural references of gods in Scriptures:

Dt. 5:7, Ex. 20:3, Ps. 81:9 — All these passages imply that other peoples have beings they consider gods. These gods interact with the people; force them to make sacrifices; invent consequences for noncompliance, and even dangle rewards to encourage their demonic behavior. The first two examples take place in Egypt. They had a family of gods.

2 Kgs. 17:29–33 — Humans make a choice who they will serve. The Assyrians would bring people from other conquered lands to the last most conquered. In this case, the Northern Kingdom. Now they were punished by God because they worshiped idols and ignored all the warnings from God’s prophets. The Assyrians left one priest to teach these foreigners how to please the local god (God). Our verses show they split their worship with their original gods and went through the motions to God.


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